Hello World

This is my first post – I have amended the instructional post placed here by WordPress – just because I hadn’t learned how to delete it!

I’m Gary, a fifty one year old married man from Middlesbrough in the North East of England. I have, for my sins, been cursed with Fibromyalgia and Crohn’s Disease for the past thirteen years or so – but this blog will not go into any great detail about these ‘conditions’ – though they will have an impact from time to time.

This blog aims to show a little of what my life is now, has been in the past and might be in the future. I expect this blog to reveal my true being – my political beliefs, my opinions on popular news stories, my escapades in trying to scrape a living from my hobbies to supplement my earned income from employment (Part timer with Tesco!) and just the general fluffy stuff of life – my family life, days out, days in the garden etc. etc. etc.

If you like what you read say so in the comments, if you disagree with my opinion – tell me in the comments and we’ll start a discussion (you might even change my opinion!)

I’ll leave this at this point. Hopefully I’ll feel inclined to post lots of stuff to inspire, annoy or amuse in the coming months.

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