Getting there….

I’ve spent the past six years looking at ways to generate additional income for my family. It was a little over six years ago that the new Coalition government abolished my former employer and threw me on the scrap heap at 45! (Bitter? Me?….You bet I am!)

Having a health condition, which I had to declare, meant finding alternative employment in the same field became virtually impossible, so I began to look at options to set up my own, small, money making enterprises.

I played around with the thought of being a freelance business consultant as I was a member of the Institute of Consulting at the time, but my health and family comittments would not allow.

I then went through a series of online ‘ventures’ all of which failed to bring in sufficient revenue to match the effort needed to run them. Then I hit upon the fantastic idea of helping local businesses get online. (Surprisingly, over 50% of businesses haven’t bothered to get a Web site – despite EVERYTHING being done online these days! !)

And so GEEMACWeb was born, providing basic websites to small enterprises, clubs and communities local to me. Web development being a ‘hobby’ meant I could charge dramatically reduced prices to the big guys.

GEEMACWeb ticked along nicely bringing in much needed income when times were rough.

GEEMACWeb has now joined the wider internet marketing field as GEEMACNet.


GEEMACNet offers a broader scope of services to GEEMACWeb in that we can now sell, at a reduced rate, the hosting and domain names of the businesses we develop sites for – so we have become a ‘one-stop-shop’ offering a complete package of services to get your business online.

Like most of my ventures, it’s a ‘slow burner’ – meaning that I maintain just as much work as I can reasonably handle alone and in the time when I’m not employed in my ‘real’ job. I also find that this means I can have a more in-depth relationship with my clients – offering them a more personal experience.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect domain or hosting solution visit us online at GEEMACNet and if you’re looking for a web site to point to your new domain visit GEEMACWeb.

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